Commercial Temporary Power

During a construction project often Temporary Power Solutions are required.  EVR Ltd utilises an extensive range of equipment such as Generators, Load Banks, UPS, Lighting Towers and much more, we work to bring the best solutions according to your project’s requirements,  which are cost effective and reliable to ensure your project is completed successfully & on time.


Some of the key features of our services are :-

  • We provide both canopied and containerised generators
  • Generators are custom designed for maximum fuel efficiency, durability and reliability.
  • Generators range from 30 – 2000kVA
  • Each unit is self contained and fully bundled with an integral fuel tank to 110%
  • We provide both low voltage and high voltage solutions’ up to 33kv
  • Contingency planning solutions are available
  • Our generators are acoustically housed to provide industry sound attenuation levels.
  • Optimised engine management in order to provide maximum power output
  • Standby power option available

EVR Ltd have a comprehensive range of generators to suit your requirements, for construction and manufacturing sites, as well as Data Centre’s public events and emergency needs.

EVR provide highly reliable and cost effective services, please get in touch with us to discuss with you the right solution for your requirement.