Domestic New Build Solar PV

Why we Recommend Solar PV

Solar PV is a simple highly effective technology and requires very little in the way of follow up maintenance once it’s on your roof.

The EVR Ltd team have Solar PV working hard in our own homes, so it is only right we share the benefits with you. We have also installed 100’s of domestic Solar PV systems across the south coast and are proud we’ve helped our clients are achieving good returns on their investment.

We only use the highest quality solar panels. and provide guarantees on the equipment and workmanship.

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How does Solar PV work?

Solar panels capture the sun’s energy using ‘Photovoltaic’ cells.  These cells do not need direct sunlight to generate electricity and will even work on cloudy days. The cells convert the sunlight into DC electricity, which can then be used to run the appliances and lighting in your home.

An inverter is installed discreetly within your home or garage, which will then convert the DC power into utility AC power. A monitor enables you to constantly see what is being generated and enables you to send your meter reading to your energy supplier.

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Small Roof? – No Problem.

If your roof is divided into smaller sections, rather than one large roof where a traditional array of panels can be installed, the answer is our Enphase Inverter system.

This is where an inverter is fixed to each one of the panels, rather than one inverter for the whole array, and therefore maximises the efficiency of your Solar PV installation.

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Shading? – No Problem.

By adopting our Enphase Inverter system we can overcome many of the issues associated with shading.  A single inverter is fitted to each panel so that no one panel will compromise the performance of another.

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