Domestic – Fuse Board Replacement

Mrs Nott was cooking dinner and the electrics went, upon inspection of the fuse board, the rewireable fuse just needed replacing, but Mrs Nott could smell burning and was concerned about the safety of the old fuse board.


EVR was called for an emergency inspection to access the safety and identify the fault. Upon inspection there was no earth connection to the gas and water pipes, and old rewireable fuse board has no RCD protection, the cause of the fault was rodent damage to a cable in the loft, incapacitating the electricity and the whole household.


A new fully compliant 17th edition fuse board was installed, inspected and tested within 24Hrs restoring power to the household.  The certificate produced as an NICEIC approved contractor provided Mrs Nott the additional peace of mind as all works were covered under warranty for 3 years, in addition the electrics were segmented so that any future electrical faults would not cripple the whole house, just the affected zone.