Domestic – LED Lighting

Mrs Caroline Wade brought new property; there was 64 down halogen spot lights consuming 50W, however only 15 were functioning.  The client tried to replace the lights, but these lasted only days, and in some cases did not work at all.


EVR inspected the lights for the client and identified that a huge percentage of the transformers were faulty, also burning marks around the light fitting and surrounding environment due to the intensity of the heat were found.  During the inspection it was detailed to the client that there was no fire protection for the very hot lights, and it was unsafe in the current state.


EVR fitted LED alternatives, the old units were removed and surrounding area made safe.  The new installation met current legislation and safe standards, and importantly the power consumption to the meet the same previous luminance levels previously reduce from 50W to a staggering 5W per light.  This saved the client 2.9 kW every time the lights were on, as the Kitchen was a very busy area used most of the time, this equated to savings for the Mrs Caroline Wade in excess of £1,600 per annum.